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O filmu

Animated (C.G.I.) family adventure film about the life of Oddsockeaters.

The Oddsockeaters (Lichožrouti) are small creatures, who live alongside us humans and are responsible for socks that go missing when we only have one left from a pair - the odd sock. They eat socks, but only one from each pair.

The lives of the main ODDSOCKEATER characters and their biggest adversary, a lonely PROFESSOR, come together in the story of the main hero, a small ODDSOCKEATER called HUGO, whose adventures the film depicts. The life of his grandpa LAMOR, who raised him, is nearing its end and HUGO must overcome his fears, leave the apartment where they lived and seek out his uncle BIG BOSS, of whose existence he didn't previously know. He draws his courage from what his grandpa taught him – love toward family, good manners and the oddsockeaters' ten commandments. He sticks to his principles in his new home with the Big Boss and his two crazy cousins, even when he often gets into tight scrapes by doing so. When he finally breaks two basic oddsockeater rules - "Never take the entire pair" and "Stick close to people, but not too close", he does so only for his new family.

Being an ODDSOCKEATER is one big adventure. Find a new family, protect it and learn how to coexist with people takes courage. And our heroes have plenty of it. They are no bobby socks, they are ODDSOCKEATERS.

The film's main message could be summed up as "Family is the most important thing." Hold on to your family, love your family and do everything in your power to keep your family strong, because you only get one family in this world, regardless of whether you are a human or an oddsockeater.

PRESS MATERIALS, CONTACT: http://tha.cz/pro-media/lichozrouti-the-oddsockeaters.html

Directed by:

Galina Miklínová

Based on a story by:

Pavel Šrut


Pavel Šrut and Galina Miklínová


Tomáš Sysel


Vladimír Barák


Jan Čeněk, Richard Müller

Special effects supervision:

Alkay Animation Prague Petr Horák


Galina Miklínová


Filip Míšek


Martin Tvrdý


Ondřej Trojan, Total HelpArt T.H.A.


Czech TV the Film Centre

PubRes  - Zuzana Mistríková, Lubica Orechovská (Slovakia)
Alkay Animation Prague
Petr Horák
Filmosaurus Rex
Arsen Anton Ostojić (Croatia)

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